From Joburg to Bern: Vol. 1

Milena Krstic am Mittwoch den 4. November 2015

Ab heute präsentiert Ihnen KSB  jeden Mittwoch einen Gastbeitrag von Milton Milaras. Er ist vor ein paar Monaten in Bern gestrandet und kennt die Hauptstadt mittlerweile fast so gut wie seine Heimat Johannesburg. In «From Joburg to Bern» präsentiert er seine Sicht auf das, was hier so läuft.

Wir wagen den Versuch und drucken Milaras’ Beiträge vorerst nur auf Englisch. 

One of the things which Bern does with ease, is that it keeps surprising, repeatedly, in little ways. There’s always another little (or big) hole-in-the-wall café/bar/club which a small cluster of chance events and conversations leads you to finding. Friday’s instance of this for me was Heitere Fahne. I’ve since gathered that most have heard of it, but not a few have not been – really unacceptable in my opinion. What a joint!

Previously a ‘village community hall’ now converted into a hip yet familiar (and sprawling) café/bar/club, it oozes the cool party vibe. The night started with some (boring) lotto (aka bingo, aka retirees pastime), but was soon followed by Pierre Omer’s Swing Revue. I categorically don’t like swing. But what these guys did with it was edgy, wildly creative and compelled you to dance. To add yet further novelty to the eclectic evening was a trippy voyeuristic ‘underwater’ installation by Noemi Reisle, which included local Butoh dancer Zoë Binetti. As ever, I knew more people than expected, made the acquaintance of yet even more cool people, and perhaps eased again little further into becoming a Berner.

Milton Milaras ist Autor, Geograph und Tänzer. Er unterrichtet immer mittwochs ab 17.30 Uhr «Creative Writing» an der autonomen Schule Denk:Mal in der Lorraine. 

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4 Kommentare zu “From Joburg to Bern: Vol. 1”

  1. guido rath sagt:

    What a coincidence, Miss Krstic, we have to improve our English anyway, they say.

  2. The Krstic sagt:

    Indeed, Mister Rath! When posting this I did not even think of that ongoing discussion. Thanks for mentioning.

  3. Funny, I’m doing the opposite. I moved from Bern to Jo’burg two years ago and recently started to express my experiences in this amazing city (and country) in a blog…with a housewify twist. Follow under ehaza.wordpress.com

  4. The Krstic sagt:

    Yeah, Miss Handschin, glad you found us!